Potluck Café
30 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1G6
604.683.0073 ext. 279

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8 am to 4 pm

Between Abbott & Carroll Streets in the heart of the Downtown Eastside

uck is a leader in social enterprise and an inspiring entrepreneurial model

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The Potluck Story

Potluck is a leader in social enterprise and an inspiring entrepreneurial model for Downtown Eastside community economic development and revitalization. Through its business activities, Potluck has directly improved the quality of life for residents of our DTES community.

Potluck operates a fully professional Café and Catering enterprise in the heart of the city serving hundreds of corporate and non profit clients. Potluck is a registered charity whose café and catering revenue is directly invested back into its 5 community social programs that are integrated into its daily operations. These include:

* An Integrated Food Services & Life Skills Training and Employment Program that has trained and employed dozens of DTES residents with barriers to employment
* A daily Meal Program that provides over 30,000 free meals annually to residents of the DTES suffering with severe physical and mental health and addictions challenges.
* A Community Kitchen Program that regularly welcomes a small group of DTES residents to learn basic cooking and nutrition skills and nurture relationships with other neighbourhood residents in the warm and familiar Potluck Café.
* A Recipes for Success Outreach Program that shares best practices for successful social and community employment with other employers interested in successfully maintaining employment for hard to employ inner city residents.
* The DTES Kitchen Tables Project in partnership with the DTES Neighbourhood House is working to identify, plan and implement DTES food security solutions in order to increase the availability, accessibility and choice of quality, nutritious food for DTES residents.

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