Opened in 1930 as a cinema and now used
as a live theatre
See story

Art deco theatre built in 1941
See old photos, articles, more.

The Hollywood Theatre
3123 W Broadway
Opened in 1936 by Richard Farliegh.
More Heritage Info and Hollywood link

Park Theatre
Cambie at 18th Street

Renovated in 2007. Read article

Opened in 1927 for vaudville acts and 'photoplays'
Now owned by the City Of Vancouver. More info

Ridge Theatre
3131 Arbutus @ 16th Ave
See article and 1950 photo

Exterior wall, 855 Granville St, of the
Granville 7 Cinemas.
Formerly the Coronet Cinema.

1660 East Broadway @ Commercial Dr
Read article

88 West Pender in the International Centre
Opened 1999.

LUX Theatre 57 E Hastings St
Opened in 1939. More info and photos.

Formerly a cinema and now a nightclub on Granville

One of the very best places in town to watch movies. I love this place.

Live theatre venue in South Vancouver

Opened in 1910 as the Edison Theatre. When Paramount-Famous Players leased the building in 1948 they installed the neon. See heritage survey

The Venus Theatre. Formerly a Vaudeville theatre, (the Marx Brothers Played there) a Chinese Opera House, Walsh's Autobody Shop and a Pentecostal Church. Read article by Dimitrios Otis

One of the last coin arcades in Vancouver
Read article 'The last peep show'

Formerly The Studio, The Eve,
The Lyric and The Towne cinema.
Converted to a nightclub in 1999
. More

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