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Granville Street looking south from Robson Street, 1970.
Photo: public domain

851 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Seats: 786

Coronet Theatre

Opened in 1964 for Odeon Theatres a year after they acquired the former Plaza (thereafter Odeon) Theatre just up Granville Street, the Coronet could seat just under 790.

The theater was twinned in 1976, and continued to operate for another decade, before the Coronet was shuttered in 1986.

This theatre was incorporated into the Cineplex Odeon Granville 7 which opened around 1987 and is still operating. It's one of only 2 left on the old theatre row  

Empire Granville 7 Cinemas
855 Granville Street,
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1K7

2404 seats, with the breakdown – from auditorium #1 through #7 – as follows: 294/338/329/324/225/230/664.

Cineplex built Granville over three properties: the Palms Hotel as the south end, the Coronet Theatre as the north end, and miscellaneous store x that was in between.
The Palms Hotel is interesting in its own right as it was originally built in the early 20th century, then called ‘Almond Block’. The facade is currently protected as heritage. The relief on the north facade (dubbed “The Dancer”, from the days of the Paradise Theatre) is considered heritage, but has no protection and can be demolished.


If you look very closely in #6 you can still see some of the old Coronet details, even though they have been painted over


Empire Theaters took over for Cineplex Odeon in 2005

If you look on the web site cinematour.com there are 63 photos of the Granville Cinemas, and it looks like Cinemas 6 and 7 are the original Coronet theatre.


When Odeon Theater Group decided to build a multiplex, they purchased a neighboring building next to the Coronet and retained the facade although the rest of the building was gutted. The Coronet, originally opened in 1929 as the Globe until 1935, renamed The Paradise in 1938 and then the Coronet in 1964. The Coronet was later twinned. The Coronet still exist where it was merged with the new construction on the left. The Coronet face remains but the interior auditoriums was heavily renovated.



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