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The original Me-n-Ed’s was opened in the Sacramento area in 1958 – and was an offshoot of Shakey’s Pizza Parlors. Shakey Johnson and his brother, Russ, were the principles in Shakey’s, but Russ left to open his own pizza chain, taking on a partner, Ed Sanlon. Hence the name “Me” (Russ) and “Ed”!

Russ and Ed were selling franchises throughout California, as well as opening and operating their own stores in and around the San Francisco Bay area. In Fresno, California, Ben and Marcella Watters, partnering with Thomas Ferdinandi and Jimmy Demera began opening Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlors throughout the San Joaquin Valley, as well as throughout Orange County.

In 1967 Ben and Marcella Watters decided to expand into Canada. The Watters’ nephew, Doug Price, from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, had moved to California after high school, and worked in their restaurants from 1965 to 1967, but had since returned to Canada. Ben and Marcella offered Doug a partnership interest in the new venture, and in June, 1969, at the age of 21, Doug Price opened Me-n-Ed’s, Burnaby. In February, 1975, Doug opened a second Me-n-Ed’s in Coquitlam.

Me-n-Ed’s continues to thrive as it approaches it’s 40th anniversary in Canada. A new franchise has opened in Langley, owned by Mark Lauener, Gary Steinman and Tom Devlin; three Burnaby boys who grew up on Me-n-Ed’s pizza. A fifth location will be opening in Abbotsford in 2008.

Although there have been many physical updates to the restaurants, and additions to the menu, Me-n-Ed’s has remained true to their unique dough recipe and highest quality products, making Me-n-Ed’s Pizza truly “Pizza you Remember”!



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