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3014 Kingsway


Jesus will live - in the Vancouver Museum

Classic Vancouver Neon sign donated by

church as it prepares to move to Langley

John Mackie, Dec,2001

One of Vancouver's true landmarks - the "Jesus, Light of the World" neon sign on Kingsway and Rupert - is coming down. It has to be the most unusual religious icon in Vancouver - a multi-coloured, glow-in-the-dark monument to the Son of God. But the Apostolic Church, which commissioned the sign back in 1945-46, is moving to Langley, and the sign isn't going with it.

Knowing it's historic value, the church offered the Jesus sign to the Vancouver Museum. Curator Joan Seidl was ecstatic - the museum had identified it as one of the top ten neon signs in Vancouver. With the help of Neon Products, which is donating a two man crew, a truck and crane, the jesus sign will be moved to it's new home in the museum on Chestnut Street.

...longtime church member Jack Williams said neon signs were a staple of Apostolic Churchs across North America. Illuminating 'The Light of the World'in neon was a natural fit that made it stand out for drivers.

Williams thinks the sign was commissioned for the church's old location at Fraser and Scott in 1945/46. The church moved to 3014 Kingsway in 1959.




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